Flexiroam X Microchip

An ultra-thin, seamless microchip

With the microchip attached to your sim card, you can connect to the internet whenever and wherever you travel. Forget buying sim cards every single time when you can just use one!

Supports all SIM sizes. Check device compatibility

Fast and reliable data roaming


Data roaming in
130+ countries

Enjoy your trip with Flexiroam X

You can browse the internet while you are traveling with high speed 4G data roaming anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America.

Perfect for travelers!


Travel & Surf

Search, navigate and plan your itinerary

You don’t have to change your SIM or subscribe to any local telco when you are travelling! It’s easy and convenient.

Supports all SIM sizes.


Available for IOS and Android

See how easy it is – Get connected in 5 simple steps

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Step 1
Download the App and Sign Up

Step 2
Stick the Microchip onto your SIM card
Purchase your Microchip

Step 3
Link the Microchip to the App

Step 4
Switch to Flexiroam

Step 5
Connect with Freedom!

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“The connectivity project had to be completed in only ten weeks. Even with the short
timeline, Jackie was determined to meet each deadline at every step. She demonstrated
incredible leadership in envisioning a project beyond the scope of any other entrepreneur or
organization our team met with to discuss the potential of this project. While others came up
with limited solutions, Jackie went above and beyond in finding creative solutions to
individually source and provide data packages in each of the different countries and
continents where our delegates needed access, including over 500 delegates from the
African continent.

While this particular project was created to provide connectivity for our delegates to
meaningfully participate in AIDS 2020: Virtual, this project has the potential to expand far
beyond its initial scope. Already, there has been an interest by other international institutions
who have lauded this project as an example of what future virtual events and organizations
must do in order to ensure equity and accessibility for the foreseeable future. Many
delegates who received data and/or mobile device packages from Flexiroam had zero or
very limited prior access to data. Now with access to this technology, these individuals have
the opportunity to continue to be connected digitally worldwide.

Jackie has been an invaluable partner and leader in helping us to pilot this incredibly
innovative project. Without her and her Flexiroam team, we would not have been able to
provide digital connectivity and accessibility to almost 1 000 delegates most in need of

Emily T Blitz
Director, Conferences
International AIDS Society


Before completing your purchase, be alert:

Flexiroam X does not work on a manually trimmed chip. Check your chip and if it is trimmed, before making the purchase, go to your service provider and replace it with a chip in the original size, appropriate for your device.

Flexiroam X does not work on locked devices. Check with your service provider if your device is tied to any type of exclusivity and locked for use with other operators' chips and plans.

Some devices are INCOMPATIBLE with Flexiroam X. Before completing the purchase, check the list below for INCOMPATIBLE devices:

  • Alcatel pixi4
    Huawei Moon
    My 4i
    Moto G5 Plus
    Moto Z2Play
    Nexus (android B)
    Redmi Note 2
    Samsung Galaxy Grand
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5
    Samsung J1, J2, J3, J4, J5 Prime
    Samsung S6
    Sony Xperia M5
    Sony Xperia M5 / Dual
    Sony Xperia C5
    Sony Xperia 2
    Xiaomi Mi 4i
    Xiaomi Mi 6


Disable wifi, go to the application and refresh. The status will update to connected.


Set your smartphone so that international roaming works through Flexiroam X. Go to Settings or Adjustments on your smartphone to create and activate APN.

Stick the Microchip on your home chip and insert it into your spartphone. Video tutorial

ATTENTION: Flexiroam X Microchip will not work well on manually cut chips. If your chip has been trimmed, go to your service provider and arrange for an original model to fit your smartphone.

Once you have purchased your chip, connect it to the application: click on "link initial package" and scan the bar code on the back of the card

Download the Flexiroam X app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create your login


* Android OS 4.1 and earlier versions are not compatible

Download Flexiroam X Application

Please select the Operating System of your smartphone or mobile devices: